About Us


Our CEO, Ariannalyf, is a social media influencer who focuses on self expression, creativity, and education in the realm of health and beauty. Since 2018, we have been able to inspire countless supporters to be free and expressive when it comes to how they wear their hair. We at Ariannalyf.com believe that self expression and creativity are two character traits that make an individual unique. Individuality is what makes the world diverse and beautiful. Our desire is to provide an amazing service that will enable YOU to express creativity and to be beautifully confident and unique at an affordable rate.


Our goal is to inspire YOU to be daring and bold with your hair, which will ultimately translate into being fearless in every aspect of life. We promise to provide you with exceptional quality hair that is durable and meant to last. We look forward to helping you become the BEST version of yourself.

Thank you for shopping with us. <3