RAW 2 Bundles + 360 Frontal Deals (Light Brown Lace) - Body Wave
RAW 2 Bundles + 360 Frontal Deals (Light Brown Lace) - Body Wave

RAW 2 Bundles + 360 Frontal Deals (Light Brown Lace) - Body Wave

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RAW Collection
Our Raw Collection features the highest quality hair that we offer. All hair from this collection is 100% unprocessed and has not been altered by steam, heat or chemical processing.  Our Raw hair is also single donor hair, which means each bundle, closure, and/or frontal was provided from 1 individual donor. With that being said, no two bundle textures will be identical because the hair has not been steamed or processed to form one uniform pattern. Since this hair is unprocessed, it is less silky and lustrous when compared to other virgin hair. The texture of this hair is slightly coarser than our other hair collections, which will blend perfectly for those who have a naturally thick and coarse hair texture. This hair is very easy to color, style, & maintain. If bleached properly, it can be lifted to a 613 color. Because of the purity of our raw hair, it has the ability to last 3 to 4 years depending on maintenance.
 *RAW 360 frontals come in light brown lace ONLY* 
*RAW Light Brown Lace 360 frontals come in STRAIGHT & BODY WAVE* 

Which type of frontal should I buy? 
  • Light Brown tinted lace matches perfectly for those with a light brown to dark brown skin tone.
  • Transparent lace can be customized & tinted to suit any skin tone.
  • HD lace is thinner & more undetectable than our transparent & light brown lace. Once tinted, HD lace blends perfectly with all skin tones.                                                                                                             
How many bundles do I need?   
  • For lengths between 10" - 20", you will need 2 bundles.
  • For lengths between 22" - 30", you will need 3 or more bundles for a natural to a full finish.                                             
 All hair from this collection will last 3 - 4 years depending on maintenance.

Textures: Straight & Body Wave

Weight: About 100 grams per bundle

Length: 10" - 30"